It was April 2010 in front of a sold out crowd in Brunswick Maryland I was introduced to Silvertung by my friend Scott Savage.  Little did I ever imagine how this chance introduction would change my life and foster many great memories.

As I walked in to G Boones In Boonsboro Maryland on November 23rd an excited nervousness started to build inside me, and I began to wonder why? It wasn’t like this was the first time seeing a show at G Boones, and it wasn’t like this was my first show review and interview. So what was it? Then it hit me in all the years of my relationship with Silvertung from being on the road with them working with them sitting in on different interviews I had never really sat down with the band that has had such a huge impact on my life, and been the one doing the interview and show review so for me yes to say I was nervous was definitely and understatement.

As I made my way back to the green room at G Boones I walked in and there was Speed (Vocalist, and Guitar) to greet me. Instantly that friendship and bond between me and each member of Silvertung was rekindled like that long lost family member.  As we waited for Danno (Drummer), Skoot (Bassist and Vocals) and Cody (Guitarist and Vocals) we both sat down grabbed a bottle of water and began talking about life individually and as it pertained to SIlvertung, and revisiting some old “war stories” from the past 6 years. As I talked with Speed we talked about the ups and down’s of the band as a whole.  How through their signing with Pavement Entertainment they all have realized nothing comes easy and even though they are signed the work doesn’t stop. Smiling Speed looked at me and said “If people thought Silvertung was a good or decent band before, well they haven’t seen anything yet we’re just getting started and this crazy journey”. It’s now a little before 9PM and I’m cornered in the green room with Silvertung and yes you guessed it I’m nervous, but I know as they say “The show must go on” and with that we start into the interview, and then it happens that quiet calm the relaxed fear that dissolves into jokes, smiles and laughs as we all sit around and talk about the “Hit The Pavement Tour” the new music, how the overall perception has been from the band’s stand point and what does the future hold for Silvertung.

November 23rd the  eve of Thanksgiving  a night for myself and The TUNG Nation thatwas made even more amazing by the fact that this night marked the first show ever for Silvertung at G Boones in Boonsboro Maryland as well as an extended set as SIlvertung played tracks like “The Pawn”, and “Slow Me Down” from “The Pawn” CD, and “Coming Alive” and Justify” from “Devil’s In The Details” and of course treating us to “Face The Music” and Devil’s Advocate” from “Out Of The Box” and much much more. SIlvertung having just finished their last date on their “Hit The Pavement Tour” with Vajra, VIA showed no signs of slowing down or taking it easy. Proving just how much hard work and dedication means by giving their all and showing the fans the love and appreciation they deserved.

It was Silvertung’s interaction with the fans, and the fans returning that love and interaction with the band making the show and experience dare I say euphoric. As the fans were singing verse for verse to songs like “Daddy’s Little Girl” and “Never To Late” you could see on the faces of each of the members of SIlvertung that they were right where they needed to be. Speed said it best” We are family!! From the fan’s to our Road Crew to each of us in the band, we’ve bled for this we fought for this and now we are here, because without you The TUNG Nation there would be no SIlvertung”. As I looked through my eye piece of my camera I stood there for what seemed an eternity just looking at the (4) individuals and I knew then that this was a different Silvertung then the one I met 6 years ago and by no means was that a bad thing.  To the contrary it was a great thing  and I was happy and proud to be a part of it……

"Taunted" Silvertung's 'Out Of The Box' remains at #1 for the third week in a row!

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It’s Friday night and I’ve worked all week. What better way to unwind and treat myself than to check out hometown legends Silvertung on the first night of their Hit The Pavement Tour. Oh wait, did I say unwind? Because I was quickly wound up, but not before supporting act VIA took to the stage with gritty vocals to down and dirty lyrics. No one would have known they had driven 26 hours straight from Minneapolis, Minnesota. VIA’s set was unexpected and unwavering.  Following VIAVajra took the floor (literally). Fronted by Annamaria Pinna, Vajra’s eccentric performance took me on a musical magic carpet ride, taking all five senses to places unexplored.

I loved each band’s set so much that I traveled out of Baltimore to see the show again at The Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA. Tonight’s show brought on a whole different experience. Having been my first time at The Chameleon Club, the dimly lit hallways of  the crypt-like basement spawns the heaviest and loudest in the smallest of spaces, where lighting doesn’t matter and space is irrelevant. Silvertung, is dark venues with liquor stained floors, girls swooning, and rock & roll.

“Rise up to the edge of your seat, I’m about to take your breath away. You’ll feel the chill from your head to your feet.”  –Silvertung (Devil’s Advocate)

Silvertung, once just a local Maryland favorite, are now signed with Pavement Entertainment and hitting the road hard promoting their debut album, Out Of The Box.  Out Of The Box delivers everything I love in a metal band. Long hair with tattoos, ear-gasmic guitar riffs, and drumstick splitting breakdowns, followed by lyrics that make you want to punch the person next to you. If you don’t know who Silvertung is, or haven’t Googled them after reading the first paragraph, just ask Tung Nation. Like Satan has his followers and Justin Beiber has his Beliebers, Tung Nation is a collection of fans that have supported Silvertung from the very beginning. They know every word, to every song, ever written by the band and are growing day by day. So, get in your car, make the trip to see them on tour, and you’ll see what the fuss is all about.

I’m a Marylander who can honestly say I am proud to be part of a state that birthed such talent. Long live Tung Nation and rock on Silvertung.

On Friday night, Angel’s Rock Bar in Baltimore, MD was the place to be as Silvertung kicked off their first North American tour. Silvertung fans, family and friends came out to show their love and support to this talented group of guys, as they hit the road in support of their new album Out Of The Box on the “Hit the Pavement Tour” along with opening acts VIA and Vajra.  Soon the rest of the US will discover what Baltimore music fans have known for a few years, Silvertung is a damn fine rock band-especially live. A complete list of tour dates is available on AXS.

2016 has been an incredible year for Silvertung. The band was signed to Pavement Entertainment, released an amazing new album with the Billboard Top 40 Mainstream Rock Chart track “Face The Music” and won two Maryland Music Awards. Silvertung has earned their solid reputation for original high energy, fist pumping in the air, hard rock music. While attending a Silvertung concert, be prepared for some heart racing musical marksmanship, an exhilarating stage show and personable crowd interaction. Silvertung is passionate about live music and the exchange of energy from the guys in the band to the crowd is palpable and it is joyously given right back to them from their fans. Their ever-growing legion of fans have come to be known as "The Tung Nation." It’s always a good time when fans are singing music along with the band word for word. Speaking of singing, lead vocalist and guitar player Speed needs to be mentioned. There is a quality and tone to his voice which is a strong part of what has elevated this band and rise to the next level. (Recently AXS got to chat with Speed, that interview can be found here.)

Opening acts VIA and Vajra were impressive as well and worth showing up early for to check out. First on was VIA from Minneapolis, MN and they were a good rockin start. They are a little green but the talent is definitely there. A little more experience and original material is all they need to bust through o their own. Vajra is really something special and have managed come up with a completely new sound of metal. They bring mystical, moody and haunting melodies to the stage that are completely entrancing. Lead singer Annamaria Pinna’s voice and presence was captivating. 

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There are some bands whose rise to the top is short lived because of the problem of more style than substance. Today’s society seems to love their “flavors of the week” when it comes to music, but a career in music is a marathon and not a sprint. Bands and artists have to develop over time and they also have to pay their dues. Smoke and mirror effects are ok and they may get you to the top of the mountain, but it will be a short lived trip before you plummet back to the bottom. Then, you get a band like Silvertung who has been battling it out in the musical trenches for almost a decade and earning any and all accolades that get thrown their way.

2016 has been one hell of a year for the guys in Silvertung. The band signed with Pavement Entertainment, released a kick-ass album entitled Out of the Box, won two Maryland Music Awards and returned to the Billboard Top 40 Mainstream Rock Chart with their song “Face The Music.” Now, they’re about to hit the road on the Hit the Pavement Tour with VIA and Vajra. KISS has the KISS Army and Silvertung has the Tung Nation, which has grown tremendously over the last couple of years because fans love and appreciate what these guys are doing. We sat down recently with Silvetung’s ringleader Speed to talk about this upcoming tour as well as some of the other awesome events of this year. 

A lot has happened since we last talked, so let’s jump right into this! Congrats on the Hit the Pavement Tour with VIA and Vajra which kicks off on 11/4 in Baltimore, Maryland. It looks like you’re packing as much as you can into those dates.

Speed/Silvertung: We’re trying to work it so that it’s non-stop playing; if we’re going to go out then let’s go out and do it. This is what we’ve been gearing up for over the last eight years. We started doing originals and covers back then and we were doing three hour sets. I remember Skoot and Danno would ask me why we were doing these long sets. It was so that when we did go out on tour and had a 45 minute set, it would be a piece of cake. Now, we’re gearing up for the tour and making changes to the set list. We want to take our strongest 45 minutes of material and go out there with it. We’ll have to play certain songs like “Never Too Late” which is always a good crowd pleaser. “Devil’s Advocate” is also high on the list in addition to songs on the new record like “Taunted” and “Ain’t That a Bitch” which have become big crowd pleasures as well. We have some old favorites that we like to play like “Coming Alive,” “Justify” and “Déjà Vu.”

Even though you guys have been doing this for quite a while, it sounds like this tour might just be a learning experience.

Every tour is tough, but this is the first time we are going out with two other bands that a lot of people may not know. This is going to be one of those tours where we learn a lot more than what we think we know already. We’re seasoned to a degree, but to a point where most of the shows that we did were successful. You might hit a few sporadic shows over the last eight years where they may be 20 people in the bar. You can look at it as not successful or you can look at your outcome after you’re done. If you kept those 20 people in the bar, then I would say it was successful.

It looks like you guys are venturing into some new markets on this tour that you haven’t played before.

There are new markets on this tour that we have not played before and that’s really exciting. The first four shows are in our area and I think that’s great. We’ll headline those shows and then when we get out into these other markets in the Midwest where VIA is bigger, then they will close and the same goes for Vajra. We just want to go out there and lay some more groundwork and that’s what I think is really great about this tour for us.


I’m sure that winning two Maryland Music Awards certainly helped garner the band some much deserved attention.

The media kind of came out of nowhere on that one and it’s still going on. It’s great and it’s a reward recognizing all of the hard work that the band has done and that’s how we look at it.  A couple of shows after that, we all were on the bus looking at each other and asked what we do we do from this point? I remember saying ‘you work harder’ which was exactly what everyone else was thinking. Accolades are great, but for us it says ‘ok, but now you have to get even better.’

What was that night like for you guys?

I have to say that it was one of the most awesome nights for us as a band. We were excited to help The Nicole Van Horn Trust Fund and to have been asked to play there. We’ve looked up to a lot of these guys in our music scene as we’ve been growing up and now they’re recognizing who we are. It was cool to get nominated for two awards, but there were a lot of great bands on those lists. We didn’t expect to win anything. Our thought was, ‘Let’s just go out and support everybody.’ We got there and did our soundcheck and then hung out backstage talking to the artists who were there from all different genres. We were watching how the crews would change everybody out and we were getting excited watching the bands play live. The first award came up for Best Heavy Metal Artist of 2016 and we were taking bets backstage on who was going to win. Suddenly, they called our name as the winner and we were like ‘what?’

You guys probably thought someone pulled a Steve Harvey on you and called out the wrong name!

That would have been so wrong! We’ve never been given an award like this, so we didn’t write any kind of speech because we didn’t think we were going to win. We just said what came to mind, which was to thank our fans. Then, they made this big to do to call out the Breakout Artist of 2016 and we were making bets again on who was going to win. When they said Silvertung, we were all a bit speechless; this was a big thing to us. The people who we looked up to in the scene were now noticing who we were and what we were doing.

Are you guys noticing attention from different areas in the U.S. that maybe you weren’t getting before?

Yes and I think it has more to do with the new album; this new album really shows who Silvertung is. There was nothing wrong with the albums before, but it just wasn’t exactly where we were trying to go. We took our time with this one and with the new tools that we had. Also, working with Steven Wright was a huge plus for us. I think there’s a big difference in album growth and what we’ve gone out and learned over the last few years is that it’s ok to go out and put your heart on your sleeve. We were a little protective before, but this album really tells you who Silvertung really is. It’s kind of tough when you’re looking over a wall and you don’t really see the whole thing. We’re starting to knock that wall down and that’s where we’re at. We’re taking it down brick by brick and realizing in the past that we were stupid, but now we’re getting there. 

You’ve had two videos from the album so far, but is there any talk of possible going for a third given the strong response to some of these songs?

Yes and we’re trying to get ahead of the game whether people want it or don’t want it. It may just be something that we put on our YouTube page just for the fans.

On this tour, will you guys be making radio appearances as well?

Yes, we’re going to do as much radio as we can and we’ll probably be doing some acoustic songs on those stops. We’re trying to figure out which songs will sound the best acoustically. I don’t know how something like “Devil’s Advocate” would sound acoustically or do we just stick with something like “Never Too Late?” We’re still figuring all of that stuff out and rehearsing for it.

I know I have seen first-hand the growth in the Tung Nation over the last several years and I can only imagine how that makes you guys feel when you see it as well.

The Tung nation has grown so much over the last few years and the thing that I love about it most is that it’s everybody from eight to sixty eight! It blows my mind because there’s country or hip hop fans that turn out to see us and they end up loving us. They’re at our merch table spending their money to get shirts and CDs and to thank us even though they don’t usually listen to our style of music.

Dude, I think that fans of any genre get tired of hearing and seeing bullshit being thrown their way and it’s very refreshing to see and hear you guys doing what you do. It’s very real and it’s full of passion and people like and appreciate that, regardless of whatever genre they typically listen to.

I appreciate that and that’s the kind of thing that we’re not always told. Hearing that kind of stuff helps us out; we actually critique ourselves after every single show to see what went right or didn’t go right.

I know you have to get back to rehearsals, so I guess I will start to wrap his one up. As always, it’s been a pleasure catching up with you. Best of luck on this tour and hopefully you guys will be posting lots of on the road updates on your social media!

Thank you for your continued support of Silvertung; you’re family to us and we really appreciate all that you do. The tour kicks off on November 4 and we hope to see a bunch of you out there. Make sure to come over to our merch table and say hi to us because that’s a huge part of this tour, meeting our fans and making that connection.

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